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Working toward getting a Community App for the Expanse Wiki...

Discussions version (less cool looking):

Here are the criteria in "How Your Community Can Get An App" blog by Ducksoup (former Fandom staff):

✔ The community’s topic has to have a broad, active fanbase.
✔ There has to be enough content and categories to fill out a mobile main page and an active userbase that can keep the content up-to-date.
☐ Where possible, we want communities that have strong followings in non-English speaking countries.

Haven't looked into this, but The Expanse TV show definitely has fans in Canada and Europe. I suspect the books have plenty of fans around the world. If you know anything, please reply with what you know.

✔ It’s a plus if there’s a bright future ahead for the franchise...

Many novels and 3 TV seasons should be enough to cover this.

Here are the steps recommended in Community Apps for Admins help page:

✔ Mobile Main Page setup.
✔ Community Corner message setup and used.
✔ Highlighted Forum post - This is the post! Will add link to community app when it appears.
☐ Link to the app in an archived Discussions post or near the top of the Discussions Guidelines.

We need a community app before we can do this, but we do have Discussions enabled...

☐ Linking to the app via the desktop main page.

We need a community app before we can do this...

☐ Include links in top navigation via MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation.

We need a community app before we can do this...

I think this wiki is ready for a community (mobile) app. What do you think?

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Net Neutrality Quick Reference

Here's a short list of the things you want to know about it.

What is it?
The short answer
The short answer is, "Net Neutrality protects freedom of speech on the internet, the cornerstone of democracy."

The longer answer
The major telecom companies in the United States are lobbying Congress to change the rules surrounding the internet to allow them to restrict and control access to specific sites in order to collect higher profits from premium sites which they establish partnership agreements with.

How does it affect me?
This threatens access to independent media, news, information, education and resources.

Here's how the ACLU explains it:
* htp://

What can I do?
Call and Write to Congress
Make your voice heard. Contact your representative in legislature to '''express your objection''' to any legislation that infringes against and impedes freedom of speech through biased preferential treatment.
Do it soon. Time is short. The deadline is approaching.

That's too hard
Contacting your representative directly is still the most effective way. You might have to try again if you can't get through. Do that first if at all possible. If you can't make that work but still want to do your part, try this shortcut:

What more can I do?
If you've already formally registered your objection with congress, you've done the most important part. Afterwards, get the word out. Contact your friends and family and your social network. Spread the word. Mobilize others to act.
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