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• 12/8/2014

The moon

I'm wondering if someone can clear something up for me.  Perhaps I missed something in the early chapters, but through out the first half of the book they make considerable mention of how dark the sky is on new terra because of the lack of a moon.  Then suddenly in chapter 24 with Elvi, a big deal is made about a moon "melting" in the sky.

Where did this moon come from? 

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• 12/9/2014

Hey! The moons are actually mentioned as early as on page 7, and also on page 222 (depending on your edition). As our article on New Terra states, the planet actually has 13 moons. These moons are really alien constructs and not natural moons, and they have very low "albedo" (meaning that they don't reflect much light), so the night sky is dark.

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