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• 4/3/2015

Miller's motive

I know that Miller was compelled to find out what ended the species that formerly lived on New Terra and that the glowing (but not glowing) thing that he can't see but Elvi can see is the key to finding it, but what was Miller's ultimate motive for sacraficing himself to turn off the grid of the planet? He didn't learn anything about the species that ended the race that his faux-consiouness belongs to by doing it?

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• 5/21/2015

I didn't see it as him sacrificing himself per se. I saw it as him gaining access to whatever it was by stepping into it, now he knows more about it. We still don't however.

• 11/12/2016

The impression I got was that it wasn't a sacrifice so much as finally ending the suffering. The interludes constantly mention that parts of the protomolecule are conscious, but that as a whole the protomolecule isn't, which I take to mean that it kept people from Eros "alive," or at least their consciousness. And then it talks about Miller as "the investigator" gradually gaining more and more freedom (exceeding boudaries, and eventually the protomolecule can't keep him in check). It also talks about how the investigator knows how to die. The final clue for me is from I believe the last interlude, that quotes Miller as saying something about he's "driving this bus" to some of the other "people."

So basically the protomolecule has all these people still alive so to speak, and suffering, and would do so forever until it can finally report to its creators. Miller found a way to end their suffering. The "sacrifice" was its own end, not the means to an end.

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