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• 12/15/2015

Why is there an exhaustive plot synopsis in the main characters' pages?

This seems really unnecessary and not really what people want to see.  Not to mention the obvious problems with spoilers being right there in plain text and not hidden behind any cut or spoiler tag.  I don't want to denegrate the work done on these synopses - they're reasonably well written.  It's just that there's no prioritization of information at all, and rather than enhancing someone's understanding of what's going on in the books, they really detract because you have to slog through a play by play of that character's activities in the first 2-4 books.  Oh, did I mention that some characters have coverage through Nemesis Games, and some don't?  Yeah, that's an issue too.

I guess what I'm asking is, is anyone gonna be reeaaally pissed off if I start editing these pages for conciseness and clarity, removing a lot of that hard work?

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• 12/15/2015

whoops, forgot to login before posting ;)

• 1/1/2016

It's a work in progress. Up until a couple of months ago this was really all the work of Tobias. PArt of what I did this fall was try to break appart the show content from the book content, and that work continues. The TV versions of the characters should be pretty sprase at this point and grow with each episode. 

We'd love to have your help in making kmore edits :)

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