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• 1/7/2017

No robots

Does any one know why there are no robots (beside medial stations) in the Expanse?

Why would I need a crew on an icehauler in the future (hundreds of years)? Now, we already have cars that drive themselves. In hundreds of years, I would still have to provide food and air for humans. But robots don't need that. It's cheaper and more effective.

The funny thing is that on Earth in the Expanse productivity is so high that humans would not need to work. That would suggest some robot involvement. But in space, there are no robots.

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• 1/10/2017

Other than drones on Ceres, Alex uses a drone from the Rocinate to search the outside of the Anubis. So i guess the question is why there is no human looking robot. So gues we could look at the pros, cons and manufactering abilty of the belt.

Cons- A.Belters need jobs too. B. Robots may be expensive to maintain C. The belt lacks the some  macufactering abilities that Earth provides, thus being more expensive to maitain. D. Belters could maintain robots and could a better job in some areas.

Pros - A. More efficent.  B. No atmosphere, air or water needed. C. Data from TNG

I really see the future of space involving robots that mine asteroids, 3d print habitats / manufactoring modules and replicate by them selfs, but this isnt the Expanse Universe.

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