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• 1/9/2017

Why did the Marines save Holden and his crew?

I'm about a third of the way through the first book and I recently finished the section where Kelly and his crew of Marines risked their lives, all eventually losing them, to rescue Holden and his crew - prisoners. Why would they do this? If it comes out later then just say so, but I'm having a hard time understanding their motivation. 

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• 1/10/2017

During the battle, Donnager Vs Protogens 6 attack ships, all communications were jammed, thus the Martian Goverment had no idea what really happem. Holden and his crew were the only surviviors of the Canterbury and Holden had a look at the ships attacking, with this information/confessions Mars would have evidence of a Third party (not Mars or the Belt) causing all this drama  that could lead the belt into war. If Holden, his crew but also a  contigent of marines were able to get aboard the Tachi, they would of definatly made a straight line to a MCRN Facilty(since Holden would be powerless vs a group of Marines). Without any Martian Marines on board Holden and the crew would have looked more suspect and possibly would get themselves killed if they returned to a MCRN Facilty. So why did the Marines save Holde, A. They are crazy/behavorial modified to follow orders, B. I don't think it was there intention just to give away the Tachi. C. Information Holden and his crew had could prevent a solar system wide war and Holden wouldnt release this info if the Martians didnt rescue his crew as well.

• 2/10/2017

Also, I believe the Martian Marine was carrying a chip on him that had data on the attacking chips; again it was used to support the assertion Mars was not the aggressor.

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