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• 1/9/2017

Why did Ceres' government collapse?

Tensions are high between the Belt and Mars but then suddenly we are told that Ceres' government collapses. Why? Shaddid is careful to say it's not a coup, but why would there be a coup? And why would the government just dissolve without direct Martian aggression? 

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• 1/10/2017

After the Eros Incident, Earth ceded control of Ceres to the OPA. The OPA would oversee security and complete control of the station so that another Eros Incident doesn't happen.  Plus most belters (which make up a majority of Ceres Population)  are pretty upset that earth had ahand in the Eros Incident.  So I guess you could say the Earth Controled Goverment on Ceres collapsed, but it is more of a political move by Earth to prevent all out rioting on Ceres. Also consider that the OPA already conroled the air, water and recycling services on Ceres..

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