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• 2/5/2017

Other languages

hey, there is a version of the wiki in other languages?

i am interested in helping the PT-BR one.

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• 2/8/2017

I'm trying to check based on this CC forum thread: Finding foreign language wikis

It take a long time to run, so I'll reply when the results are in.

On quick check, there is no which is where the Brazilian-Portuguese one should be.

• 2/8/2017

Okay, it looks like the script sadly no longer works correctly, so no report.

• 2/9/2017
so... anyone can create it?
• 2/9/2017

Yes. I'm sure the admins of the English Expanse wiki would help anyone who wants to start a different language version.

We could start a page The Expanse Wiki in other languages and link to the other language versions if we learn about them. Cross wiki traffic is good.

• 6/11/2017

"Non-English Expanse Wikis", perhaps?

International Expanse Wikis

Localized Expanse Wikis

Regional Expanse Wikis

Wouldn't it be nice to have it operate the same way that Wikipedia operates and the left panel contained a list of languages you could follow to reach the corresponding page?

• 6/28/2017

All those titles have too much capitalization... ;-)

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