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• 4/10/2017

Episodic events description

The wiki is in urgent need of episodic events descriptions for several TV characters. The protagonists (J. Holden, B. Drapper, N. Nagata, A. Burton, A. Kamal, C. Avasarala), as well as some secondary characters (S. Errinwright, P. Meng, M. Iturbi), and two tertiary characters (M. Meng, Umea) already have those coherently implemented. However, many other, such as the Martian delegates at the UN-MCR Peace Summit, Esteban Sorrento-Gillis, Roma, Yvgeny, Janus, etc. lack those. Therefore, I ask that all contributors focus mainly on adding these background and episodic descriptions. That does not mean that other aspects are not important, no, it is just that these are urgently needed.

IMPORTANT! Please be strictly objective when writing such a description and refrain from using pronouns or other parts of speech that refer to yourself or the audience (i.e. I, we, etc.). Use impersonal constructions instead (i.e. instead of "we find lut that ...", you could write "it is revealed that..."). Also, do not add your personal opinion. Subjectivity, be it in any form, it to be avoided! And lastly, please use fairly advanced vocabulary.

Thank you in advance,
MysticalArchAngel (talk)

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• 4/11/2017

Are you telling us to write it all in Belter? Is that fairly enough advanced vocabulary?

The book version of Belter or the TV/Nick Farmer version of Belter?


I kid! LOL


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