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Did the protomolecule kill the crew of the Arboghast?

The book version did kill all occupants of the Arboghast but we didn't get a first person POV of that.

The TV version, as part of the season 2 (or season Ⅱ[1][2] 😉 😃) finale, "Caliban's War", disassembled the ship however the passengers all seemed to still be breathing without struggle. They were surprised but alive in that moment.

In the books, Michael-Jon de Uturbé was a personal friend who relayed to Chrisjen Avasarala the report of the dismantling of the Arboghast. Michael-Jon was remote

In the TV show, Michael Iturbi was also a close friend but he has not shared the information to Avasarala.  He is aboard the ship. If he doesn't survive, nobody will receive the news.

Will the TV version kill off the crew or will the ship be reassembled and the occupants left on their way?


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They surely died. The Arboghast's occupants were either killed or assimilated by the protomolecule. Either way, they're deceased.

The scene was clearly unfolding at slowed-down speeds (i.e. slow motion). Iturbi managed to get a glimpse of the protomolecule and even cracked a smile at its power, before ultimately dying.


What!? Adam Savage's nameless crewmember died!? Don't care about the rest of the people, except maybe Perky Technician. 😉

Maybe we'll find out more in Season 三. Theoretically their consciousnesses could be preserved to communicate events a la the Investigator... if the writers don't think it is too much of a change.

The other question I should ask..
(maybe it deserves its own discussion thread: See Thread:8889)

What became of Kenzo? At the end or Season 1 he was taken up by the proto-mass,.... on Eros.

This season, he's credited as the "Hybrid".... Only hybrid I remember seeing was nowhere near Eros (or Venus).  Does that mean I missed a scene, that the scene was cut, or that he did the motion capture for the creature on the Rocinante?.....


See Thread:8889

I had thought they would decide they'd use the "Hybrid" in lieu of the "Investigator"

The actor who played Kenzo was probably the motion-capture actor for the HPH (aka "Hybrid"). Credits don't necessarily mean the character was significant and related to other characters the same actor played.


They survived, I think. The scena wasn't in slow motion. This can be seen in the way Iturbi moved his head. Besides this, the Venus atmosphere is a 500 degree Celsius poisonous soup. A human body is destroyed within seconds in this hell. This did not happen, so I think the crew is saved from death by the protomolecule. It's plans for them? Well, we'll have to wait for S3.

I'd be curious to see the show explore a possible scenario where the crew members are still alive.  They can do it in a way that's not cheesy nor lame if they really want to


In a funny alt universe, Adam Savage is the Investigator.


Like Julie Mao, the crew might not be fully dead, but they are almost certainly not alive as regular humans.

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