The book version did kill all occupants of the Arboghast but we didn't get a first person POV of that.

The TV version, as part of the season 2 (or season Ⅱ[1][2] 😉 😃) finale, "Caliban's War", disassembled the ship however the passengers all seemed to still be breathing without struggle. They were surprised but alive in that moment.

In the books, Michael-Jon de Uturbé was a personal friend who relayed to Chrisjen Avasarala the report of the dismantling of the Arboghast. Michael-Jon was remote

In the TV show, Michael Iturbi was also a close friend but he has not shared the information to Avasarala.  He is aboard the ship. If he doesn't survive, nobody will receive the news.

Will the TV version kill off the crew or will the ship be reassembled and the occupants left on their way?


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