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• 4/21/2017

Who is the Hybrid?

In the season 2 finale, "Caliban's War", Elias Toufexis is credited for "Hybrid"

He's the same actor who did Kenzo in season 1's finale.

Is he the hybrid they eliminated off the Rocinante? Is the hybrid a different character portrayed by the same actor or did the protomolecule alter the corporate spy and transport him to Ganymede? Is he a character I didn't catch in the episode, perhaps one that was cut and left on the editing room floor?


Picking up from a question i started here: Thread:8842#4

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• 4/21/2017
Fandyllic wrote:
The actor who played Kenzo was probably the motion-capture actor for the HPH (aka "Hybrid"). Credits don't necessarily mean the character was significant and related to other characters the same actor played.

Yeah, I understood that.

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