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• 5/14/2017

Season Two - Favorites: SURVEY RESULTS

The votes have been cast and the victors decided. Here are the results:

Section I: Scenes

Place Scene/Moment Final score Prize
1The Arboghast is disassembled by the protomolecule9.09I
2Avasarala's "Wherever I goddamn like!"8.48II
3Eros impacts Venus8.29III
4The Nauvoo is launched8.20HM
5Inners that were intended to leave for the inner Sol system from the wrecked Ganymede station are spaced8.18HM
6The Battle of Thoth Station8.08HM
7Bobbie Draper beats up Martens8.01HM
8The Rocinante pursues Eros7.95
9Alex is alone on the Rocinante, drinking alcohol and singing7.93
10Miller walks through Eros station and begins hearing Julie's voice7.92
11Miller kisses Julie7.91
12Miller shoots Antony Dresden7.89
13Errinwrights fatally poisons Martian Minister Pyotr Korshunov7.76
14The Rocinante's thrusters destroy the human-protomolecule hybrid7.68
15Errinwrights transmits a message to the Guanshiyin, ordering Mao to kill Avasarala7.67
16Eros dodges the Nauvoo7.65
17Bobbie enjoys cucumber sandwiches7.61
18Naomi risks her life to allow other Belters to escape Ganymede aboard the Weeping Somnambulist7.55
19The crater on Venus is revealed to have organic material, implying the protomolecule's survival7.53
20The Rocinante rescues the Weeping Somnambulist and threatens the MCRN7.48
21Miller and Diogo "spacewalk" to Eros station7.46
22Bobbie beats up Mao's men on his yacht and saves Avasarala and Cotyar7.41
23Naomi's speech about humanity and her actions of giving Johnson the protomolecule sample7.37
24Avasarala's goodbye to her husband7.25
25Prax reveals that Ganymede is doomed7.23
26Ganymede incident7.16
27Amos and Holden try to battle the human-protomolecule hybrid7.15
28The Rocinante uses the gravitational pulls of Jupiter's moons to traverse the Jovian system7.06
29Mei is revealed to be alive on Io, along Dr. Strickland6.51

Section II: Characters

Place Character Actor Final score Prize
1Chrisjen AvasaralaShohreh Aghdashloo9.21I
2Josephus A. MillerThomas Jane9.16II
3Amos BurtonWes Chatham9.01III
4Alex KamalCas Anvar8.53HM
5Anderson DawesJared Harris8.28HM
6DrummerCara Gee8.17HM
7Frederick L. JohnsonChad L. Coleman7.97
8Roberta W. DraperFrankie Adams7.94
9Sadavir ErrinwrightShawn Doyle7.93
10CotyarNick E. Tarabay7.66
11Praxideke MengTerry Chen7.35
12Naomi NagataDominique Tipper7.32
13Paolo CortázarCarlos Gonzalez-Vio6.79
14James R. HoldenSteven Strait6.64
15Lawrence StricklandTed Atherton6.37
16Esteban Sorrento-GillisJonathan Whittaker5.96
17UmeaAllison Hossack5.83

Section III: Seasons

Place Season Year(s) Final score Prize
1Season 220179.00I
2Season 12015 - 20168.31II

Awarded prizes


First prize: Chrisjen Avasarala, portrayed by Shohreh Aghdashloo
Second prize: Josephus A. Miller, portratyed by Thomas Jane
Third prize: Amos Burton, portrayed by Wes Chatham
Honorable Mentions:


First prize: The Arboghast is disassembled by the protomolecule
Second prize: Avasarala's "Wherever I goddamn like!"
Third prize: Eros impacts Venus
Honorable Mentions:

  • The Nauvoo is launched
  • Inners that were intended to leave for the inner Sol system from the wrecked *Ganymede station are spaced
  • The Battle of Thoth Station
  • Bobbie Draper beats up Martens


First prize: Season 2 (2017)
Second prize: Season 1 (2015 - 2016)

So, what're your thoughts? Did you expect these resutls?

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• 5/14/2017

Champa's scen was by far the most best and tear jerker of all the scenes of this season and its not on the list... #Iwantarevote

• 5/14/2017 wrote: Champa's scen was by far the most best and tear jerker of all the scenes of this season and its not on the list... #Iwantarevote

It's included in Naomi's attempted sacrifice.

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