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• 6/17/2017

Battles, Conflicts, and Names

I've been going over the battles in BA to create some pages that don't yet exist (e.g. Battle of Callisto). As I've looked around the wiki and been thinking about the timeline for the battles, it seems that a page devoted to a list laying out the various military related events would be beneficial. This would fulfill a similar niche as to the requested timeline page. However, I'm at a lost for some naming conventions

First, the names for the page is something I've been puzzling over. Here, we have battles, incidents (e.g. Eros), cold war(s?), a heist, and the destruction of two moons. Calling the page "Major Battles" was my first inclination, but not everything is a battle that would be relevant. I've been leaning towards "Major Conflicts and Crises", but am not sure if this would lend itself to searches nor does it sound quite right. Perhaps I'm overthinking this.

There's also the issue of classification. I've seen on some pages (e.g. The Donnager ) refer to the Eros Incident but include events leading up to it. From a certain perspective, this makes sense, but the term as I've seen it used by fans, by the in-universe characters, and by this wiki's page. I'm not advocating changing the meaning of the "Eros Incident", but there does seem to be a broader niche that needs to be filled. this is particularly the case for the events starting with the Ganymede Incident and Ending with the Battle of Io. These do seem to bookend an overall conflict. We also have events like the Interplanetary War which is an overarching term not used in the book and which also seems to have its own internal structure (such as what I would call the "Consolidated Fleet Offensive" which includes the many battles that gave cover for The Battle of Medina Station ), clearly filling a descriptive niche.

In short, my questions for the community are:

  • An appropriate name for a list page identifying the major conflicts -- battles, cold wars, heists? I'm leaning towards Major Conflicts and Crises, but this feels imperfect to me.
  • Are there already names in use for some of the conflicts that are depicted as a series of events in the books? Such as names for the arc from The Scopuli through the Eros incident, or from the Ganymede Incident through the Battle of Io. ("Caliban's War" seems like a good name for the latter, as it was for the novel, but then it confuses with the novel.)
  • If not, should we apply a name to these arcs like we have done for the "Interplanetary War", and, if so, what should we pick? These must be highly descriptive and immediate understandable. I've already mentioned "The Consolidated Fleet Offensive" as a catch all for said offensive in the Interplanetary War, and seems a good example of a highly descriptive name that is immediately understandable. "Caliban's War" seems good for Ganymede through the Battle of Io, but would probably introduce confusion with the novel, Caliban's War, which we should of course avoid.

Some possible names for arcs/collective events:

  • Capture of the Scopuli through the Eros Incident: End of the Cold War
  • The Ganymede Incident through the Battle of Io: Earth-Mars War
  • Capture of the Scopuli through the Battle of Io: The Protogen Conspiracy
  • The Slow Zone Incident: The Slow Zone Inception and the Mutiny of the Behemoth
  • Battle of Hygeia, Pallas, Callisto, Titan, etc.: The Consolidated Fleet Offensive

For the Slow Zone Incident, I'm suggesting identifying two incidents within the Slow Zone Incident istelf (not a renaming of the Slow Zone Incident).


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• 6/17/2017

Lots of issues to digest here.

For now, I'm putting in this reply to remind myself to follow the discussion.

• 6/17/2017

While I'm no expert in writing, past the basic stuff  I learned in college. I made the Alt OPA thread   

While I wasn't planning to this style reminded me of how college professors organized power point presentations.

I think you are in the right direction catagorizing the general events into groups.

My idea for the time line thread was to bascally follow he Rocinante's crew and where it goes. While this doesnt include all the events that happen. You could say during the Ilus adventure :) that during this time Filip's plan to steal the stealh coating was successful.

You could reduce that amount you actually have to say by just setting up some links for the events that happened during a timeline.

I list below most of the general events off the top of my head.

Before the Destruction of the Canterbury

Pre Eros Incident

Eros Incident

Ganymede Incident

Battle over Io

Dog and Pony show to the  Gate

Slow zone Incident

Opeing of all the Gates


Droping of rocks on Earth / Free Navy Ofeensive

Battle for Ceres Station/Return to Tycho

Battle for Medina Station in Slow zone

Space Transport Guild

• 6/17/2017

I hadn't seen that page; thanks for the link.

The perspective I had was addressing the military-esque conflicts in a list, linking to more robust pages when possible as you suggested. This would provide overview of a certain component of events necessary to the plot. However, it wouldn't include everything (such as the Transportation Guild, as you noted). This would be beneficial since there are a lot of battles that a strung about the wiki, and some that are mentioned but with little more than a name, don't warrant a page of there own (e.g. Battle of Hygeia).

I think this would be complementary to a timeline, following the Rocinante or otherwise, as there are a lot of the little things for one that would clutter the other. You page, in particular, is one of my qualms with naming my proposed page "conflicts and crises". Ilus, the opening of the gate network, and formation of the Transporation Guild (which itself is a naming issue... come on Persepolis Rising!) are all represent crises and conflicts (or resolutions thereof) wihch wouldn't be in my envisioned list. Which is a bit odd, I admit. The reason being that when I first started thinking about his I was focused on battles, but then it seemed incomplete without incidents such as Eros.

Perhaps the appropriate resolution is a merely battle/war/attacks orientated list to itemize the disparate pages and smaller battles, and another that take an even broader over view of the general events (in which case Interplanetary War will be an item, but not necessarily all of the battles)?

• 6/17/2017


It may be useful to detail the list that I have in mind. I have grouped some events together either in time or by the extended conflict arc tacking place:

UN-Mars Cold War

  • Battle of Anderson Station
  • Terryon Lock?
  • Augustin Gamara?

End of the Cold War

  • Scopuli and Cantebury
  •  Battle of the Donnager
  • Destruction of Deimos
  • Destruction of Phoebe
  • Battle of Thoth Station
  • Eros Incident

Earth-Mars War

  • Ganymede incident
  • Battle of Io
  • OPA Nuclear Deployment (against protomolecule soldiers)

Slow Zone Incident

  • Slow Zone Inception/Arrest
  • Mutiny on the Behemoth

Callisto Heist

Free Navy Run at Earth? (never figured out what this was about)

The Interplanetary War

  • The bombardment of Earth
  • OPA and MCRN Coups
  • Piracy of Colony Ships
  • Capture of the Azure Dragon
  • Liberation of Ceres Station
  • Assassination attempt of Fred Johnson
  • Consolidated Fleet Offensive
    • Battle of Vesta
    • Battle of Ceres
    • Battle of Thisbe Yards
    • Battle of Hygeia Station
    • Battle of Europa
    • Battle of Titan
    • Battle of Callisto
    • Battle of Pallas Station
  • Battle of Medina Station
    • Assault on Medina
    • Defense of Medina
• 6/25/2017

I started a category called "Conflicts and Confrontations"

We can use that to start grouping them.

• 6/28/2017

The category page is a good idea, I need to remember to think in those terms instead of the standard wikipedia lists.

As I've written some of the battles, some of the others have solidified in my head, particularly. the Consolidated Fleet Offensive. Going with a category page, this offensive really needs its own page as it includes known battles that are far to small to warrant their own pages. Looking over my list, it does appear that a lot of these can fit on their own pages.

I'm still quite hesitant to create names for these events or groupings of events, since they aren't specified in the books. At least in the case of the Consolidated Fleet Offensive, the name isn't anything specific outside of an unambiguous description and thus seems quite reasonable (and I think I'll start working on that page).

Others, such as The Callisto Heist (events Filip's prologue chapter), feels like a very appropriate name, but still a bit grandoise. However, it does appear to be a significant enough event to warrant its own page; plus there is enough information for it to have its own page. So it's another I'll probably work on soon if nobody objects or beats me to it.

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