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• 7/17/2017

Wiki background and front page

Hi, everyone!

I'll be short: there are two issues that keep bothering me.

One: The wiki background image. The current one is... yeah. Do you have any ideas for a good one? Or, better yet, could you create one?

Two: The front page. It seems... incomplete. I mean, aesthetically, I wouldn't give it a perfect 10, even though it is better than that of 99.99% other wikis. Do you have any ideas for possible improvements?

Follow-up: After that shadow add-on, it does look closer to reaching 10.

That's all.

Have the best of days,

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• 7/17/2017

The whole front page looks like someone put a lot of time into it.  On top of that, it looks like it's up to date.

Those are things you can't always say separately about a page much less say them together.  So, I think it's good.  I don't go there much directly but I do notice it when I do get there.

It seems quite loaded but not yet overwhelmingly loaded.  I think if we look at it as a piece of art or wine, it's just something that we could just step away from and leave it to breathe. We've seen a lot of work already.  There's no rush on those things presently. Appreciate it a little while.  

A similar thing could be said about the background image.  It's based on promotional artwork produced early in both first and second season. no? We'll probably get more inspiration if we step back and wait for another wave of marketing.  The alternative would be to compile a series of character images maybe dark and brooding maybe stoic.  We could have a bunch of the ships but those things might be too cliché. I don't have a lot of ideas come to mind immediately.

• 7/19/2017

I can work on some new backgrounds. If I don't forget, LOL.

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