"Coffee" article to be revived and rechristened "Beverages"

After some discussion and careful consideration, I've resolved to restore the "Coffee" article.

In an effort to preserve the spirit of contribution that inspired the original, some elements will remain. In order to increase the relevance of the article, it will be expanded to cover not just coffee but a variety of beverages as part of a larger discussion on culture in the volatile times surrounding the discovery of extrasolar technology.

Note, to address some criticisms levied against the original, elements that don't meet community standards will be stricken. Any editorial commentary or phrase which suggests subjectivity will eliminated.

I am asking my fellow administrators to establish a page with guidelines that they would consider consistent with the standards that help this site serve the interests of fans. The guide will include examples from the Coffee article which drew questions from the admin team on the basis of objectivity. I hope to see this within the days ahead.

The admins are here to serve this community but we're fans of the stories and we have strong passion for how this is presented. We invite active participation and want to see the skillful presentation of all the rich detail found within this fiction.

To our avid fans and contributors, I welcome you to help improve this revived article and improve the wiki at large.