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• 9/12/2017

Idea [Transclusion or Brief of distinct character incarnation articles included into disambiguation page]

I'll keep it short:

I had an idea for a restructuration of TV-Books sister articles. Instead of linking them through the {{tabs}} template, we could turn the related disambiguation page into the actual page documenting the two incarnations by summoning the two subpages within a tabber (see Jim Holden).

Of course, I'm going to need your opinion on this. So, what do you think? Should we stick to our current way of separation and linking, or should we use a tabber instead?

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• 9/7/2017

That's going to be a lot of work.

It will also have the adverse affect to fans who want to avoid spoilers revealed by reading the distinct separate incarnations. 

Tabbers aren't the best way to organize very large blocks of text.

How would subsections be handled? would each subsection get a tabber or would we be trying to put subsections into each tab?

I'm not a fan of this approach on initial consideration.

• 9/7/2017

Looking at how you did it, I can see some positives.

the originals still exist.

The extra work isn't as significant.

Omitting the "(TV)" or "(Books)" from the URL is less of a problem when posting links outside the wiki

Omitting the "(TV)" or "(Books)" from the wikilink is less of a problem when posting within this wiki.  {{bookschar}} or {{TVchar}} is less of a need

Here are some new caveats

I do think that tabbers reduce the available space

transclusion throws off the categorization. Need to use special syntax techniques when adding them

use of magic word behavior switches like {{DISPLAYTITLE}} and {{DEFAULTSORT}} and template {{Italic title}} breaks

• 9/12/2017

I have some issue with the TV version being the default and not the original book version in your example, though. And with the current linking system it's easier to navigate the wiki since when you click on a Naomi link on the book Holden page you go to the book Naomi page and won't need to click through the tab to see the version you need (or vice versa). 

I think having two separate pages works well e.g. for Star Wars Canon vs. Legends, I think the same approach is best here as well (although it needs to be done more consistently here too, and with more consistent categorization).

• 9/12/2017

Okay, then. It is decided. Current system remains in place.

• 9/12/2017

I think the disambiguation pages could at least for some subjects have at least a small non-spoilerish info on the character etc with facts true of both the TV and book version (if there are any). Like I did with Octavia Muss.

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