This page is about the Tv icon TV character. For the books incarnation, see Ade Tukunbo.

Ade Nygaard was the Navigator of the Canterbury. She was having a secret sexual relationship with Executive Officer Jim Holden.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Ade was employed by Pur'n'Kleen several years before the destruction of the Canterbury.

Season 1 Edit

Ade explains to Holden that while she is enjoying her position on the Cant and her relationship with him, she may do only one or two more runs on the Cant before leaving.

While Holden is trying to process this information, he is asked to locate the ship's Executive Officer.

As the missiles close in on the Cant, immediately before it is destroyed, Ade broadcasts a tantalizing message to Holden that she has some important news for him. Holden is left with the tantalizing prospect, never confirmed, that she is pregnant with Holden's child, immediately before the Cant is hit by a missile barrage and destroyed, killing her instantly.

Appearances Edit

Season 1
"The Big Empty"Flashback

Notes Edit

Media Edit

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