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Alison J. Palmer is an actress credited for the role "MCRN Deputy Minister".

Despite the credit given to the actress, the corresponding role it specifies is not strictly certain.

The best and most obvious match for this character is the redhead seated next to Jeff Seymour in his role as Minister of Defense Pyotr Korshunov. The redhead has a few lines regarding the accounting terms for the Ganymede repairs. The name plate in front of her seat is "M. Cruz: Special Envoy"

Appearances Edit

"The Weeping Somnambulist"MCRN Deputy Minister ("M. Cruz, Special Envoy"?)
"Cascade"MCRN Deputy Minister ("M. Cruz, Special Envoy"?)

Trivia Edit

  • She also had a role in Designated Survivor in her brief recorded career.
  • Her IMDb record currently has no corresponding photo, as of early 2017 through May.