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This page is about the Tv icon TV character. For the books incarnation, see Anderson Dawes (Books).
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"We are fighting for something precious here"

- Anderson Dawes is the Belter on Ceres who leads the insurgent OPA faction on that station.

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Biography Edit

Background Edit

As a Belter, the world of politics has never been open to him, but this Ceres Liaison for the Outer Planets Alliance works tirelessly behind the scenes to rally the laborers and other less legitimate elements behind the cause.

Dawes is named after the same company that is the namesake for the notorious Anderson Station, the company his parents worked for.

He recruited former UNN Colonel Fred Lucius Johnson, the "Butcher of Anderson Station" into the OPA.

Personality Edit

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Throughout the series Edit

When the character first appears in "Remember the Cant", Ceres station is still reeling over the news of the Canterbury's destruction and the evidence revealed by Holden points directly at Mars. Anderson backs up the detective Josephus Miller when he tries to convince a dock worker to stop assaulting a Martian and to fill the ship's tanks. Miller inquires with Dawes about Juliette Andromeda Mao and about the ship the OPA had her on, the Scopuli, which is at the center of the recent solar system conflict. </div>

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