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The Anubis was a Stealth Ship Class ship owned by Protogen Corporation. It destroyed the ice-hauler Canterbury. Later, it participated in and survived the attack on the Donnager.[citation needed] Eventually it was the source of the initial protomolecule infection that was then used in the "Eros Incident".

Background Edit

The Anubis was a highly advanced stealth warship constructed, at least in part, at the Bush Shipyards on a secret contract from high ranking members of the U.N. Government for use by the Protogen corporation in their joint conspiracy involving the protomolecule and their experiments with it that later became known as the "Eros Incident".

Appearance Edit

In the books ships of this class are described with the words "

…looked like a shark. It was long, lean and utterly black, and almost impossible to see against the backdrop of space with the naked eye. Its radar-deflecting curves gave it an aerodynamic look almost always lacking in space-going vessels. …it was beautiful.


A massive central compartment as high and wide as the hull of the Rocinante housed twelve huge torpedo tubes cylinders for capital-ship busters encrusted with narrow catwalks and scaffolds.

Crew Edit

  • Captain Higgins
  • sufficient armed crewmembers to board and take control of the Donnager

Eros Incident Edit

Leviathan Wakes Edit

During the Prologue, the Anubis boarded the Scopuli and captured her crew including Julie Mao. Later, the crew of the Anubis space one of the Scopuli's crew out an airlock when he tried to escape and take over the Anubis; Julie Mao was then confined to a storage locker.

After several days confined in the storage locker, Julie was able to break herself out and begin searching the Anubis. She discovers the engine room and the protomolecule surrounding the reactor core with dismembered crew members attached to the alien growth and being consumed.

While Julie was in the storage locker, it's revealed that the Anubis took the Scopuli and left it as bait on the asteroid CA-2216862. Sending an open distress call, they then took the Scopuli's crew as prisoners to experiment with the protomolecule, of which it carried a sample. When the Canterbury arrived to answer the distress call, the Anubis ambushed and destroyed the Canterbury with a nuclear torpedo. Later, all members of both crews apparently succumbed to the protomolecule infection but, Julie Mao, after escaping the storage locker, was able to tether the ship to the asteroid BA-834024112, send a distress call, and escape in a shuttle, unknowingly bringing the infection to Eros.

The Rocinante later followed Julie's directions to the asteroid, salvaging the protomolecule sample locked in a safe and destroying the Anubis to prevent anyone from acquiring the protomolecule.

TV Edit

The Anubis was en-route to Eros when it was intercepted by the Scopuli. The Anubis then captured the crew to learn what they knew about the protomolecule. When Julie Mao was discovered amongst the crew of the Scopuli, she was put in a storage locker as she was a "complication". Afterwards, the captain of the Anubis had the Scopuli rigged with a distress beacon to lure the Canterbury knowing that destroying an ice hauler would cause chaos in the Belt that would distract both Earth and Mars from paying attention to Eros.

Unfortunately, the crew of the Anubis didn't know that their sample of the protomolecule which they were smuggling had broken containment and was spreading throughout the ship. Some time later, Julie Mao broke out of the storage locker she was being held in to find the ship seemingly abandoned. Searching the ship she found traces of the protomolecule and unknowingly infected herself with it. She then discovered the crew being consumed by the protomolecule surrounding the Anubis reactor core. Realizing what she was dealing with she hid the Anubis in the asteroid BA-834024112 and sent a distress call to the OPA with the Anubis' location. Next, she left the ship powered down and then headed for Eros in the ship's shuttle Anubis-1A.

Later, after the OPA receives Julie Mao's distress call, Fred Johnson recruits the Rocinante to locate the Anubis and rescue any survivors. When the Rocinante arrives, they discover the protomolecule infection and immediately evacuate the ship taking the ship's safe for evidence. The Rocinante then launches torpedoes and destroys the Anubis to stop anybody from getting their hands on the protomolecule.

Differences Edit

  • In the book Leviathan Wakes, it is unknown exactly why the Anubis attacked the Scopuli or why the Scopuli was out there to begin with, whereas in the TV series, the Scopuli deliberately intercepted the Anubis to find out what they were smuggling from Phoebe Station to Eros before the Anubis crew boarded the Scopuli to find out what they knew about the protomolecule.
  • In the books, the crew of the Scopuli were deliberately experimented on by the crew of the Anubis and it then spread to the rest of the crew accidentally. In the TV series, the protomolecule outbreak was accidental and was already spreading when they boarded the Scopuli and the Anubis crew were unaware until it was too late.


  • Anubis Breaching Pod
  • The interior of the engineering room.
  • The interior of the mystery ship. Unlike The Expanse’s other spacecraft, this stealth vessel has a strange, asymmetric design.

Trivia Edit


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