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The Arboghast was an unarmed research vessel sent by the UNN to investigate the crash site of Eros on Venus.

Mission to Venus Edit

Following the Eros incident, the UN needed to send a research team to Venus to study the aftermath of Eros impacting its surfact. The UNN commandeered the vessel and placed it under the command of Colonel Janus, along with a crew and scientist Michael Iturbi.

Upon arriving at Venus, they found that Mars had also dispatched a ship to study the Eros Crater and broadcast a warning to all ships nearby to avoid them. The Arboghast attempted to get detailed scans with its complement of six probes on board. The first four probes disappeared before they were able to transmit any telemetry. The crew then tried again by lowering their altitude and launching their fifth probe, which was loaded with extra protective plating from the six to help it survive the decent. Although this one was successful at reaching the crater, it only broadcast video and telemetry of protomolecule structures for a few moments before dying.

Knowing that the crater is active, Janus and Iturbi discuss what to do and decide to descend the ship into Venus's atmosphere to get a closer look. The crew prepares for the descent and deploys the ship's ballutes for atmospheric entry. Their sensors start to malfunction mid-descent before spotting that the crater itself appears to moving. The Martian vessel which had been observing the Arboghast's efforts followed the UNN ship into the atmosphere, descending faster and passing very close to the Arboghast. However, it disappeared from sensors soon after.

Next, the Arboghast came to an abrupt stop in midair, not yet having reached the surface. The crew spotted floating blue particles from the protomolecule moving about the ship moments before the vessel completely disaggregated. All hands on board were lost.

Media Edit

Arboghast with shadow MCRN over Venus

The Arboghast over Venus being shadowed by an unidentified MCRN vessel

THE EXPANSE 360º Arboghast Set Tour with Shohreh Aghdashloo Syfy01:19

THE EXPANSE 360º Arboghast Set Tour with Shohreh Aghdashloo Syfy

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