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The Martian Congressional Republic brought along Gunnery Sergeant Roberta W. Draper in order to show that they were willing to show the actual soldier who saw the monster. Roberta interrupted proceedings to complain about why no one was talking about the monster and was removed. [1]

The Goliath Mk Ⅲ Powered Armor worn by Roberta Draper was handed over to the United Nations in order to verify the combat footage of the engagement.

Outcome after the peace summitEdit

No fault was assessed against either party as both military powers publicly sought to cope with the damages, cope with humanitarian crisis, and to cope with the threat of the protomolecule hybrid to the degree that it could be determined.

Both sides jointly enforced the no-fly zone over Ganymede.

The UNMC boarded and inspected ships arriving in Ganymede orbit.

The UN had agents on the Ganymede surface.




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