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A belter who was made captain of the Behemoth by Fred Johnson.

The Slow Zone Incident

After Clarissa Mao frames James Holden as a terrorist in the name of OPA, Ashford fires the Behemoth's torpedo at the Rocinante, leading to the retreat of the Roci into the Ring. After a mutiny Ashford loses his command to Bull de Baca, the security chief, but after a second mutiny, Ashford was put back power by his supporters. Ashford believes the best action during the slow zone incident is to destroy the Ring, which would strand the any one else on that side of the ring, and unbeknownst to him supernova Sol, killing all humans within the solar system. The Rocinante's crew, Bull, Anna, Martian marines, and Clarissa Mao eventually retake the ship before he can fire the light cannon aka modified tight beam communications array. More and more unstable, Captain Ashford cold-bloodedly murders Naomi's best friend Sam for delaying the communications array weapon.

The content here should be merged into the "Captain Ashford" page then this one should be retired.

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