The Barbapiccola ("Barb") was a Mao-Kwikowski Mercantile freighter stationed on Ganymede.


After the Ganymede incident, refugees from the station claimed the ship as salvage and escaped on it. This included Basia Merton and his family. The refugees lived on the now independent ship for a year, this was a result of being denied permission to land anywhere in the Sol System due to the ship's legal status.

After the slow zone was deactivated and its rings activated, and the first sensor data from another star system returned with news of the hospitable planet that the United Nations would call New Terra, the Barb travelled through the Ring and settled on the planet, claiming it and naming it Ilus.

The Barb's landing site was called First Landing and became the planet's first settlemment town.


The ship was named in honor of Giuseppa Eleonora Barbapiccola ,an Italian natural philosopher, poet and translator. She is most well-known for providing an Italian translation of of René Descartes' "Principles of Philosophy" and was a zealous advocate for woman's education

Crew Edit

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