The Battle of Callisto was a major battle, part of the Consolidated Fleet Offensive during the Interplanetary War. The battle was between Micah al-Dujaili's Consolidated Fleet flotilla and Free Navy forces under the command of Marco Inaros. The latter's forces consisting of fleets stationed at Callisto and Ganymede. Included in these forces are the ships the Coin Silver, under command of Captain Lister, and the Lína, under command of Captain Chou. The fleet at Europa was also deployed, but engaged in a separate battle.[1]

Prelude Edit

Following the abandonment of Ceres Station by the Free Navy and the subsequent retaliation by the Pella against Fred Johnson and the Rocinante, Marco Inaros ordered the Pella and his command fleet to Callisto for repairs. No further actions are made as Inaros surveys the state of the war.[2]

At the same time, the Consolidated Fleet has been pulled thin, forced to deal with the scorched-earth abandonment of Ceres Station. They capitalize on the devastation left to Ceres and the defection of Michio Pa's Breakaway Pirate Fleet from the Free Navy to form OPA alliances. The brother of Micah, one of the captains in Pa's fleet, Carl al-Dujaili of the Witch of Endor, is hunted and snuffed in retribution for his defection. Mars also adds its remaining fleet to the Consolidated Fleet. The leadership of the Consolidated Fleet then decides on a major offensive to seemingly draw themselves out across the Sol System – the goal of the Free Navy – as a distraction for an assault on Medina Station.[3]

Battle Edit

Micah al-Dujaili leads a flotilla from his ship, the Torngarsuk, against Marco Inaros's forces stationed at Callisto. al-Dujaili's forces hold an advantage in numbers, but, due to the size of space, their attack is identified in time for the Free Navy Ganymede Fleet to launch and reinforce Inaros; they arrive as the engagement begins.

Due to Inaros's chaotic command and focus on the Torngarsuk, the engagement quickly enters into a close quarters battle. Both sides take casualties, but with the Torngarsuk's quick defeat and the retreat of two of the Consolidated Fleet's ships, the battle is a one sided engagement.[1]

Aftermath Edit

All but the 2 retreating ships of the Consolidated Fleet's flotilla are destroyed, along with 2 ships of the F.N. Ganymede Fleet. Minor damage is present throughout the remaining ships, with 3 ships of the F.N. Callisto Fleet taking heavy damage and needing to return to port for repairs. While the cost was steep for the Consolidated Fleet, the battle proved to be a successful diversion for the assault on Medina Station.[1]


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