The Battleship is a type of Capital ship that is heavily armed and armored of the MCRN and UNN that can take a lot of punishment during battles between ships. However during one such engagement the MCRN Donnager and six unidentified ships that had advanced torpedoes and Rail guns, the MCRN Battleship initiated a failsafe protocol that would self-destruct the ship if either the Bridge, CIC, and Engineering would be breached by Boarders.

Known Battleships Edit

Martian Congressional Republic Navy Edit

Designation Class Notes
MCRN Donnager Donnager-class Battleship Scuttled after being boarded.
MCRN Harman Dae-Jung Donnager-class Battleship
MCRN Bandon Donnager-class Battleship
MCRN Barkeith Donnager-class Battleship

United Nations Navy Edit

Designation Class Notes
UNN Xerxes Xerxes-class battleship
UNN Thomas Prince Xerxes-class battleship


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