The Battleship is a type of Capital ship that is heavily armed and armored of the MCRN and UNN that can take a lot of punishment during battles between ships. However during one such engagement the MCRN Donnager and six unidentified ships that had advanced torpedoes and Rail guns, the MCRN Battleship initiated the Condition Zero failsafe protocol that would self-destruct the ship if either the bridge, Command Information Center (CIC), engineering would be breached by Boarders.

Known Battleships Edit

Martian Congressional Republic Navy Edit

Designation Class Notes
MCRN Donnager Donnager-class Scuttled after being boarded.
MCRN Harman Dae-Jung Donnager-class
MCRN Bandon Donnager-class
MCRN Barkeith Donnager-class

United Nations Navy Edit

Designation Class Notes
UNN Xerxes Xerxes-class Namesake of her class.
UNN Thomas Prince Xerxes-class (Books) / Truman-class (TV) Carried various religious clergy and artists into the Ring.
UNN Agatha King Truman-class UN Flagship carrying Admiral Nguyen over Jovian moon Io.
UNN Okimbo Truman-class UN Jupiter Fleet Flagship carrying Admiral Souther over Jovian moon Io
UNN Nathan Hale Leonidas-class

Laconian Imperial Navy Edit

Designation Class Notes
Heart of the Tempest Magnetar-class
Eye of the Typhoon Magnetar-class
Voice of the Whirlwind Magnetar-class