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Bob Munroe is a VFX supervisor on The Expanse. On some episodes, Bob also earned credit as 2nd unit director

Involvement Edit

Season 1
Season 1 ⸻ All seasonVFX Supervisor (as "Robert Munroe")
Season 2
Season 2 ⸻ All seasonSenior VFX Supervisor (as "Robert Munroe")
Season 2 ⸻Episode⑬ "Caliban's War"2nd Unit Director
Season 3
Season 3 ⸻ All seasonProducer


  • Also goes by "Robert Munroe" (appears in credits both as "Robert" and as "Bob")
  • Bob has made a couple of fan podcast guest appearances
Expanse The Unofficial Podcast — December 31, 2015
Syfy Wire's “The Churn” — March 8, 2017
Crash Couch #18: VFX Crew Interview — July 16, 2017



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