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Former Gunnery Sergeant Roberta "Bobbie" W. Draper was a member of the Martian Marine Corps, having often been regarded as one of the toughest and best members of her squad and even the entire corps. For the better part of her life, she was a fiercely nationalistic Martian dedicated to the dream of terraforming the planet. Currently, she defected to the United Nations' government because of her nation's involvement in an inhumane project.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Bobbie was born on Mars in the 24th century. Because military service is compulsory, she underwent military training. Over time, she advanced in rank becoming one of the MMC's best soldiers.

Even before the situation between the UN and the MCR escalated to extreme levels, Bobbie believed that engaging into war against the Earthers was the only way to secure Mars' safety and continuation of the terraforming project.

She is known to have welcomed Travis into her squad, even though she knew that he originated from Earth, thus implying that she does not discriminate Earthers from Martians when it comes to loyalty.

Throughout the series Edit

In "Safe", Martian marine Bobbie Draper undergoes a brutal training exercise before being deployed on the Scirocco to investigate why a research station on Saturn’s moon, Phoebe, has gone dark.

In "Static", Bobbie struggles with the news that the Martian moon Deimos has been destroyed by Earth. Bobbie is eager to join the fight for Mars, and is frustrated when she is assigned to the Jovian moon, Ganymede.

In "Paradigm Shift", Bobbie and her Martian Marine crew are deployed on Ganymede as part of a mission to secure a food supply. She and her team are holding the line between the UN army and the Marines when something goes wrong. Suddenly, their comms are jammed and they see UN patrolmen quickly advancing upon them. The scene cuts away and when it cuts back, she’s been attacked by some thing and her entire crew is dead.

In "The Seventh Man", Bobbie is revealed to be the only member of her crew who survived the Ganymede incident and her memory of the event is hazy. With so much riding on her testimony, politically, the higher ups in the Mars Navy press her for information, but all she can remember is that United Nations troops were running from something. Bobbie’s story doesn’t mesh well with the narrative that the Martian Navy is trying to construct (ostensibly to maintain peace, but perhaps for another purpose), and they inform Bobbie that she will have to depart for Earth to give a false testimony; stating that she and her team fired on U.N. Navy troops first.

In "The Weeping Somnambulist", Bobbie arrives on Earth to offer her testimony from Ganymede. She lies, under orders from Martian Navy top brass, and says that her unit mistakenly started firing upon the UNN troops, and is deeply upset when one of her marines is thrown under the bus as the instigating force behind the battle. Avasarala senses that Bobbie is hiding something and requests more time with her. As Avasarala grills her for the truth, Bobbie lets it slip that “something” with no vacuum suit attacked them, but quickly gets back on script.

In "Cascade", Bobbie manages to escape her quarters after being kept there as prisoner. Eventually, with help from an Earther named Nico, she reaches the ocean. However, she is suddenly confronted by Avasarala, who finally has a moment alone with Bobbie and tries to get the truth about what really happened on Ganymede. Unfortunately, Bobbie is still reeling from her experience at the UN and has yet to trust the Earther politician.

In "Here There Be Dragons", fresh off of her betrayal by her own team, Bobbie is determined to uncover the truth about Ganymede. She interrogates and brutally attacks her superior, Martens, until he acquiesces: her team was the sacrificial lamb to test a new weapon on Ganymede. Bobbie escapes from her planet's embassy and seeks political asylum on Earth where she tells Avasarala everything she knows.

In "The Monster and the Rocket", Bobbie departs Earth for Jules-Pierre’s Mao’s ship, the Guanshiyin, serving as extra muscle for Avasarala. Aboard Jules’ luxurious ship, Avasarala and the business magnate discuss terms: in exchange for access to the protomolecule technology, Jules wants his family assets freed from UN restrictions. When Errinwright sends a message that Martian Defense Minister Korshunov, the only other person funding the protomolecule project, has passed away, things come to a head. Avasarala is the only one alive that can expose Errinwright's role in the protomolecule conspiracy, so he orders her shuttle to return to Earth, stranding Bobbie there, along with Avasarala. Mao's men prepare to silence them forever.

In "Caliban's War", trapped on the Guanshiyin, Bobbie, Avasarala, and Cotyar try to stay alive. Cotyar is bleeding out quickly from the gunfight, but he manages to create a diversion for Bobbie to escape the room and retrieve her Martian armor. Fighting her way back to the hangar, Bobbie returns wearing her power armor and rescues Avasarala and Cotyar.

TBA after the season commences.

Personality Edit

Before learning of Project Caliban, Bobbie was fiercely nationalistic and dedicated to her nation and planet's intentions, as well as the completion of the terraforming project. She would often express the superiority of Martian soldiers to their UN counterparts. Moreover, Bobbie often affirmed how Earthers were not grateful for their already habitable planet and took its beauty for granted. Despite this, she did not discriminate against Travis for originating from Earth.

After Undersecretary Avasarala revealed the Martian government's involvement in an inhumane project about the infusion of protomolecule in human DNA, Draper drastically changed her views regarding Earth, possibly also because of the planet's beauty. Eventually, she deserted the Martian military by seeking asylum on Earth, a pretext for joining Avasarala's team to uncover the true mysteries of the protomolecule and its links to the Martian Republic and Jules-Pierre Mao, effectively defecting to the UN government.

Equipment Edit

During her time in the MMC, Draper wore the Mark IV Goliath power armor on missions. In addition to the hostile environments of Mars and space, the armor is durable enough to protect the wearer from small-medium arms fire. The armor's typical loadout consists of a wrist-mounted mini-gun and hand grenades and can also fire up to six homing missiles.

Notes and trivia Edit

  • Called Gunny  by her fellow soldiers, it has typically been a slang term for the rank of Gunnery Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, and appears to have transitioned to the MMC.
  • By abandoning her post, Bobby committed the act of desertion. In a time of war, she could very well face the death penalty.

Appearances Edit

Season Two
"Doors & Corners"Appears
"Paradigm Shift"Appears
"The Seventh Man"Appears
"The Weeping Somnambulist"Appears
"Here There Be Dragons"Appears
"The Monster and the Rocket"Appears
"Caliban's War"Appears

Media Edit

  • Bobbie tries to recall the events on Ganymede
  • Viewing the visualization of Mars terraformed
  • In the Goliath Mk Ⅲ Powersuit
  • Intense while readying her squad for training
  • Season 2 promo featuring Bobbie
  • 2nd Expeditionary Unit
  • Debriefing by Avasarala (This size/aspect best for slideshow)
  • Melancholy (This size/aspect best for Characters (TV) page)
  • Sulking (This size/aspect best for Character Infobox)


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