The Bombardment of Earth was the igniting event of the Interplanetary War, in which several Free Navy vessels launched an assault on humanity's homeworld, throwing significantly large asteroids at the planet, leaving all infrastructure crippled. This brief conflict resulted in the United Nations' declaration of war and evacuation of all governmental personnel to Luna.

Eventually, the entirety of Sol system allied against the authoritarian Free Navy, bringing about the first true interplanetary war.

Prelude Edit

Ever since humanity had become an interstellar species, the Free Navy had been increasing its belligerency degree. Ultimately, under Marco Inaros and behind-the-scenes directed by W. Duarte, the organization sought the subjugation of the two human epicenters, Earth and Mars, and their extrasolar colonies. Inaros ultimately decided for the effective destruction of Earth's surface as vengeance for the two centuries in which the superpower had been continuously disregarding the Belter populace.

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Aftermath Edit

Earth was left completely crippled following the bombardment, despite the subsequent C.F. victory. The Martian Congressional Republic and the Outer Planets Alliance ultimately decided to put aside their political differences with the United Nations and work as an emergency unified body which sought the defeat of the barbaric Free Navy.


  1. Governmental officials were evacuated to Luna. Thus, all instructions and some of the UN's counteract forces came from Earth's satellite.
  2. Nemesis Games, ch. 43, pg. 367

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