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Unnamed Executive Officer of the Canterbury loses sanity,

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The XO has lost his sanity and has been MIA.

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In "Dulcinea", Holden gets a crowbar from Amos to pry open the door of their XO’s quarters. After slowly panning and surveying the room, Holden eventually finds the XO coming from around a partition. The XO walks in dirt which is scattered on the floor of his quarters, talks to plants, whines about them not bringing enough light aboard ship, and shoots his monitor screen. Once the scene cuts away and back, time has passed but the location is the same. Shed is strapping the XO onto a gurney with the XO still murmuring and mumbling.

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The XO has a fixation with plants and classic weapons. His walls are lined with all manner of gunpowder-based firearms alongside drawings of plants.

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  • Syfy's website lists as a 'Fun Fact' for the first episode that the scene with the XO was the first shot of the show.[1]
  • This unnamed XO does not exist in the books, as Holden is already the Canterbury's XO.
  • There are multiple scrapes (some deep) on the door visible when Holden is standing outside the XO's quarters. They're at the same height as where Holden places the crowbar when he pries the door open.

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  • Captain McDowell gives badge to Holden
  • Holden fidgets with Canterbury XO badge while crew assesses situation aboard Knight

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