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Captain Toulouse Marwick is captain of the Edward Israel. Described as an older Earther, he has flaming red hair and a high British Accent. During the Edward's trip to Ilus, Captain Marwick remained relatively hands off of the ground operation. Marwick viewed the campaign as a third party operation and concerned himself more with being just "the lorry driver". Despite that, he's very protective of his ship and is well intentioned to return back from Illus in tack and little damage done to his ship. He tells Havelock, over dinner, that having high morales and virtues is great, but it won't stop someone from being killed.

In fact, once the Edward Israel comes under real threat of danger, he implores Havelock to wrap things up and prepare for the ships return to the gate.

Marwick is torn between two allegiances at the end of Cibola Burn, but opts to aid the Rocinante and render aid to the men and women of Ilus. This puts him in violation of his contract with the U.N charter involving R.C.E and Chief of Security, Murtry.

At the end of the conflict, Captain Toulouse Marwick and the Edward Israel return from Ilus, damaged but safe, and head back to the gate network.

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