Item Syntax (this will not be transcluded):

{{Transcript Statement
  |speaker_label = [REQUIRED]
  |statement = [REQUIRED]
  |speaker_wiki_link = [DESIRABLE]
  |timestamp = [PREFERABLE]
  |note = [OPTIONAL]
  |highlight = <#>
NOTE: Actual transcript will not be visible unless transcluded.


This file contains text to be included by using this content source file in conjunction with a {{transcript}} tag. Actual text may only be visible when editing is source mode.


Type {{transcript}} somewhere.

accepts optional parameter... {{transcript|<input>}}


  • Specifying input parameter is optional.
  1. the default is the "./transcript" file corresponding with the current page.
  2. Standard error is displayed when no corresponding transcript content file is found.
  • This continues being tested.
  • Edit using "source" mode to access actual transcript text content.
  • Content files such as this may appear in the "Orphaned Pages" report because they aren't linked to directly. This is a situation very much like that of pages which appear listed on the default index pages or custom index pages for categories, i.e. {{Category:Belter words}}.
  • Using a different name may require additional effort than the default. This would be in the form of:
  1. adding logic to the template that invokes the content file through transclusion. Doing this runs a risk of breaking compatibility with existing deployments/implementatons
  2. adding specifically the name of content file in the invocation of the template, {{Transcript|<<input>>}}



Components UsedEdit

Collapsible HTML "div"sEdit

<div class="mw-collapsible">

Vertical scrollingEdit

{{vscroll start}} and {{vscroll end}}

See also,...Edit

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