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The following is a semi-complete pictorial list of the characters in The Expanse TV series; they are grouped by location and roughly in order of their last appearance when they are dead in the current episode, or the location of their first appearance when alive. Their status may be spoilers as well as info about locations and ships.

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The Canterbury Edit

Prior to its destruction, the crew of the Canterbury were under the employ of the Pur'n'Kleen Water Company, an Earth-based corporation.

S1  Executive Officer

Earth Edit

United Nations Edit

Nathan Hale Edit

UNN Nathan Hale that attempted to reach Phoebe before MCRN Scirocco.

Mars Edit

The Donnager Edit

The MCRN flagship picked up the Knight after the destruction of the Canterbury.

The Tachi Edit

The Tachi is a corvette-class attack ship stored onboard the Donnager. It became the Rocinante after being refitted at Tycho Station.

The Scirocco Edit

The Scirocco is an unknown class military ship that also served as a marine transport that was severely damaged while in orbit around Ganymede.

The Belt Edit

Ceres Station Edit

Security officers on Ceres station are under contract to Star Helix Security, an Earth-based corporation.

S1  Dawes
Anderson Dawes
S1  Tavi

Tycho Station Edit

One of the primary shipyards in the Belt.

S1  Diogo

Eros Station Edit

Eros station is small asteroid based station in the Belt with security provided by CPM in the latter part of its existence.

S1  Kenzo

Ganymede Edit

A moon of Jupiter with a large terraformed crop area under domes.

Unaffiliated Edit

The Rocinante Edit

The Rocinante is a renamed and refitted version of a Mars corvette-class attack ship (the Tachi) stored onboard the Donnager.

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