Fans of The Expanse novels were probably excited to see their favorite characters leap off the page on onto their televisions and video screens. Some may have been perplexed when some of those characters were altered. There were mixed emotions on whether changes were good or bad. Name changes could have caused confusion for books fans and for TV fans who went back to read the books.

The Problem Edit

For an online information repository such as this site, reliably accessing the bits of information is crucial and being able to match names is important to accomplishing that task. When the TV show changed names of characters, it opened a lot of debate over the proper naming to use on pages.

Here is the list as we've recorded it. Keep in mind, for this page, we confine ourselves to only those identities who primarily are manifestations of the same character. We exclude any that are combinations of other characters unless the name being used has itself been altered.

Comparisons Edit

TV Books
Last First Last First
Thorsen Thorsson
IturbiMichaelde UturbéMichael-Jon
Praxideke Praxidike
Suputayaporn Santichai & Melissa Supitayaporn Santichai & Melissa
NygaardAde TukunboAde

See also Edit

To Do Edit

According to wiki Undersecretary AlbertEpstein:

  • I'd like to create expandible table rows to list first appearances in TV episodes and in Book chapters
  • On each expanded row, a thumbnail photo could be included of the character and the name on screen or in official marketing media.


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