screen shot from TV series

In simple words, spin gravity, as found on Ceres ,  and other similar asteroid stations or ring space stations that use spin to generate artificial gravity, a "dropping" object appears to follow a curve, or deflected if you will, instead of the expected straight line.

The dropping object will lag away due to spin since the floor "moves along" under it while it is dropping.

The Universe of  "The Expanse" takes this effect into consideration, with a particular display on TV when Miller pours himself a whiskey.

It is left to the imagination what problems this effect might also cause in every day life if one is not used to it. In our whiskey picture, spinwards would be to the right.

The Coriolis also affects the human body as it can cause dizziness and nausea when the spin radius is too small and the rotation speed is too high. Individual perception can vary and the human body can get used to it within certain parameters.

For a more scientific explanation for the Coriolis Effect, you can look it up Wikipedia.