The Corvette is the smallest type of Capital ship utilised. These vessels are used to support larger capital ships.

Known shipsEdit

United Nations NavyEdit

Designation Class Notes
UNN Ravi Phantom-class Escort ship

Martian Congressional Republic NavyEdit

Designation Class Notes
MCRN Tachi MCRN Corvette Class Believed to be destroyed, but actually came under the control of the Canterbury crew survivors and recommissioned as Rocinante by the crew themselves.
MCRN Tsuchi MCRN Corvette Class
MCRN Karakum MCRN Corvette Class Black Ops ship destroyed by United Nations Navy over Ganymede.[1]
MCRN Valkyrie Unknown class Launched a torpedo at the Weeping Somnambulist.[2]

Free NavyEdit

Designation Class Notes
Pella MCRN Corvette Class Stolen from the MCRN and used as the Free Navy Flagship

References Edit

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