This page is about the Tv icon TV character. For the books incarnation, see Cotyar (Books).

Cotyar is a former member of the UN Military in the Intelligence Division. Later, he worked as freelance security contractor and  private intelligence operative.

Avasarala recruited him for her security detail and to be her intelligence operative in her job in the UN. Cotyar was an old friend of her late son.

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While in the military, he was responsible for Charanpal Avasarala's death on a mission and still feels guilty about it.

When he is approached by Avasarala to work for her on her personal security detail, his public work was providing security and intel to a lunar transportation outfit. Avasarala informs him she knows better and is engaged in corporate espionage. Avasarala explains: "I need someone I can trust".

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Eavesdrops as Avasarala questions Admiral Souther and comments he didn't think the admiral had it in him. At Avasarala's request, sets up a secret communications link to Fred Johnson. When Avasarala is about to use it he advises her: "once you press that button, it's treason."


Relays conversation between Davila and Avasarala and determines all 13 of the crew from the derelict stealth ship were employed by Protogen.


Tries to escort her to her evacuation shuttle but she delays for a communique with her husband then stubbornly remains behind anyhow.

"The Weeping Somnambulist"Edit

Offers footage of puking Martian to Errinwright for his amusement. Remarks to Avasarala that Errinwright covers his tracks well.


When his sources advise him that Bobbie Draper is not in her room at the Mars Embassy, he helps track Bobbie down so Avasarala may speak in private. Asks whether they should share information with Errinwright now that he's come clean to Avasarala.

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Is present when Bobbie speaks to Avasarala after seeking asylum with the U.N. from M.C.R. Tries to debate with Avasarala why it's trap to meet with Jules-Pierre

In "The Monster and the Rocket", he questions Bobbie Draper's trustworthiness. She responds, "I've never betrayed anyone who didn't betray me and mine first, but get in my way and I will go through you like a door." He is escorting Avasarala with Bobbie Draper as his backup on Jules-Pierre Mao's personal ship, the Guanshiyin when a message comes in from Sadavir Errinwright.

In "Caliban's War", When the meeting turns bad he winds up being shot by the ships crew but not before killing two of them. When Bobbie points out that he has been shot, he responds "well that's disappointing". He reveals that Bobbie should go back to the skiff because she could retrieve her armor which he secretly stowed there. She needs to rescue them.


Cotyar is a loyal follower of Earth in general and the Avasarala family in particular. Despite his role in her son's death, Chrisjen Avasarala trusts him enough to bring him into her employ as head of intelligence at the UN.

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  • Cotyar announces to Avasarala that Gunnery Sergeant Roberta Draper is AWOL from the Martian Embassy


  • This character is given a last name in the boardgame. He hasn't a last name in the books nor on the show (yet). The name that appears over his picture on the board game is "Cotyar Ghazi"


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