Owner/Navy Pur'n'Kleen Water Company
TV Series
Appeared "Dulcinea"
Novels and Stories
Counterpart Canterbury (Books)

"A behemoth of a ship, the Canterbury is a retooled colony transport. Once it had been packed with the people, supplies, and dreams of a civilization, shipping our ancestors beyond the moons of Saturn.

Now, the Canterbury flies in a shadow of its former grandeur, hauling glaciers to supply mankind with the essential water it needs to survive."[1]

Background Edit

The Canterbury is a large commercial spacecraft that has carried out a number of roles in its time.

When first seen, a short period before the Eros Incident, she has been rigged as an Ice Trawler. The forward end of her cargo bay and core keel is open to space to enable the capture and storage of small ice asteroids.

At this time, the Canterbury was carrying our regular round-trip missions from Ceres to Saturn where she was scooping ice (likely from the ring system) for transport to Ceres for conversion into liquid water for life support and industrial purposes. At this time, Ceres was suffering from a considerable water shortage and the Canterbury was part of the station's life-line.

At the time of the ship's destruction, the crew had been raising concerns about the ship's state of repair. Pilot

Specifications Edit

The Canterbury was powered by four dual small Epstein Drive boosters for axial acceleration and also had a number of reaction control system thrusters to enable relatively quick rotational manoeuvres when required. The spacecraft was capable of a sustained 30g acceleration during emergency manoeuvres.

The Canterbury is 1,000m (3281 feet) long and has a draft of about 250m (820 feet). The majority of the ship's volume is taken up by its hollow cargo bay, which is open at one end to space.

The ship carries number of small auxiliary vessels including its only shuttle, the Knight.

The ship had a number of Remote Manipulator Arms in the cargo area to assist in the movement of multi-tonne ice boulders from free space into the cargo bays.

As with all spacecraft, the Canterbury is arranged so that 'down' in the pressurised crew areas points aft along the direction of the main thruster so that, when under thrust, inertia creates the illusion of gravity for the crew.

As a merchantman, the Canterbury was unarmed and thus completely defenceless when attacked by the mysterious stealth corvette the Anubis.

Crew Edit

The Canterbury had a crew of fifty five people. Among them were:

History Edit

Media Edit

Syfy’s The Expanse- Virtual Reality Tour of the Canterbury01:31

Syfy’s The Expanse- Virtual Reality Tour of the Canterbury

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