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Darren was the captain of the Scopuli.

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His shipmates are Julie Mao and Wan. He is full of compliments especially about her racing the treasured Razorback. She welcomes this. At least, he knows she's a true believer.

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In "Critical Mass", the Scopuli is boarded by a hostile group and the crew members are each roughly handled, including Darren. After Julie Mao, an Earther crew member, stays captive for days and listens to not just her crew being tortured, but also to the crew of Anubis plan to execute the destruction of the Canterbury, Julie Mao escapes by eventually kicking open the door to the storage area where she was trapped. The Anubis crew is missing, but Julie cuts through the hatch of Engineering to find Captain Darren's infused body on the protomolecule-infested reactor calling for help.

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