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Deimos was one of two moons of Mars. The other is Phobos.

History Edit

TV Edit

Deimos was destroyed during the Earth-Mars conflict, following the Battle of Ganymede. The UN took this action in response to Mars' nuclear annihilation of the Earth-Mars joint Phoebe Research station along with the consequent destruction of the moon itself. Earth's government declared the Phoebe demolition a provocation, despite Earth itself previously sending its own ship to trail Martian ships at a number of stations. In the case of Phoebe, Earth actually had the UNN Nathan Hale attempt to reach Phoebe before the MCRN Scirocco.[1] This occurs soon after Rocinante and Guy Molinari take Thoth station in the TV show.

Books Edit

Deimos was destroyed by UN forces during the Earth-Mars conflict following the destruction of Canterbury.[2] In the book, this occurs soon after the Rocinante crew escapes infection on Eros but before Rocinante returns to Tycho station and well before Eros moves.


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