MCRN Destroyer

MCRN Shandian

A Destroyer a type of warship used by both the UNN and the MCRN. Currently, there is little to no information as to the dimensions and capabilities of these vessels. In Season 2 Episode 11 "Here There Be Dragons" an "Undeclared" MCRN Destroyer made its primary debut. The vessel appears to be small in size, similar to a corvette. The vessel posses two or more PDCs. The ship also has 2 Torpedo Launchers on its bow.

Known ships Edit

Martian Congressional Republic Navy Edit

Designation Class Notes
MCRN Avalanche (ECS - 222) Morrigan-class
MCRN Cú Chulainn Morrigan-class
MCRN Damascus (ECS - 229) Morrigan-class
MCRN Hamill-Stewart (ECS - 224) Morrigan-class
MCRN Iceni (ECS - 230) Morrigan-class
MCRN Kittur Chennamma (ECS - 211) Morrigan-class Heavily damaged and eventually abandoned
MCRN Morrigan Morrigan-class
MCRN Scipio Africanus Morrigan-class
MCRN Shandian Morrigan-class Modified as a Stealth destroyer
MCRN Yangtse Morrigan-class
MCRN Iani Chaos Unknown class Present at Io Campaign

United Nations Navy Edit

Designation Class Notes
UNN Munroe Munroe Class
UNN Zhang Fei Unknown Class James Holden served on this vessel and was dishonorably discharged after attempting to assault his captain.
UNN Seung Un Unknown Class Book version only. Show version is a Fleet Support Ship

Laconian Imperial Navy Edit

Designation Class Notes
Gathering Storm Pulsar-class Captured by insurgents led by Bobbie Draper
Daskell Protector-class
Ackermann Protector-class
Ekandjo Protector-class
Smith Protector-class
Stover Protector-class



- The "Skiff" that the MCRN Yangtse sends out is the same visual model as the MCRN Destroyer.