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This page is about the Tv icon TV character. For the books incarnation, see Dimitri Havelock (Books).

Dmitri Havelock works as a detective with Star Helix Security. He is Joe Miller's partner.



Season Ⅰ

Biography Edit

Havelock is an Earther trying to create peace with the Belters who see him as an outsider, a token of the wellwallas that oppress them.

Background Edit

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Throughout the series Edit

In "Remember the Cant", Pock Mark corners Dimitri Havelock so that a group of thugs can pin him up against a wall and Pock Mark can drive a prospector's spike through him as retaliation against inner-planets for the destruction of the Canterbury.

Notes Edit

  • The book version of this character does not get spiked. He transfers to a different station working for a security division of Protogen then CpM. It is a separate character that gets spiked in the Leviathan Wakes, Enrique Dos Santos.

Media Edit

  • Pock Mark corners Havelock
  • Pock Mark laughs at Havelock's use of Belter gestures in attempt to de-escalate
  • Havelock pressed to the wall
  • Havelock pressed against the wall
  • Pock Mark put a spike in Havelock
  • "Remember the Cant" --Pock Mark
  • spiked
  • Havelock spiked
  • Havelock left for dead

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