The Donnager-class battleship[1] is a class of modern Martian Congressional Republic Navy (MCRN) battleship. Donnager-class battleships are almost 500 meters long and about the same size as a 130-story office building; the ships measure about 250,000 tons dry weight.[2] Donnager-class battleships are some of the largest and most capable ships in the Martian Congressional Republic Navy.

History Edit

The Donnager-class is considered to be among the third generation of battleships and therefore state of the art. The battleship was introduced during a fleet-wide modernization program which also included the MCRN Corvette Class and Morrigan-Class. The namesake of the class, the Donnager, was the flagship of the MCRN's Jupiter Fleet.

Armament and Layout Edit


Destroyer and Corvette docked positions

  • A large internal hangar enables smaller ships as shuttles and skiffs to dock internally. These bays however are primarily utilized for ships of the MCRN Corvette Class, and Morrigan-class Patrol Destroyer.
  • The Donnager-class is armed with six bow-mounted and four aft-mounted torpedo launchers, at least 32 Point Defense Cannons (PDCs) and two Rail Gun turrets.
  • In the case of boarding the Donnager-class features a self-destruct function which is activated by a bio-metric fingerprint system which requires the fingerprints of at least two senior officers. This is utilized if either the ships' Bridge, CIC, or Engineering is captured by boarders.

Known Ships Edit

Designation Appears Notes
MCRN Donnager TV/Books Scuttled after stealth ships damaged it and it was boarded while investigating Scopuli distress call and Canterbury destruction.
MCRN Harman Dae-Jung Books
MCRN Bellaire Books
MCRN Bandon Books Alex Kamal served on the Bandon when he was with the MCRN.
MCRN Barkeith Books Stolen from the MCRN by Admiral Duarte's Laconian faction before being destroyed by a Ring Gate anomaly.


  • Unnamed Donnager-class near the Sol gate
  • Donnager
  • MCRN Donnager CIC
  • CIC compartment
  • Grappling clamps for docking shuttles
  • concept art
  • concept art
  • concept art


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