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The Donnager-class Dreadnought[1] is a class of Martian Congressional Republic Navy (MCRN) battleships, named after the lead unit of the class, the MCRN Donnager. Donnager Dreadnoughts are almost 500 meters long and about the same size as a 130-story office building; the ships measure about 250,000 tons dry weight.[2] Donnager Dreadnoughts are some of the largest and most capable ships in the MCRN; they frequently serve as flagships for MCRN fleets and are large enough to carry smaller missile frigates or escort corvettes such as the MCRN Tachi.

Technology & Combat Characteristics Edit

The Donnager class vessels are one of many advanced naval vessels of the MCRN, plus these Dreadnoughts are able to carry small Missile Frigates or Corvette Class in the hangar bays of this ship. These ships are roughly 500 meters (1,640 feet) in length, which is equal or same size as a 130-story building, plus its mass is 250,000 tons dry weight. The ships of this class have an Epstein Fusion Drive which is the main reactor of the Donnagers.

The Battleships are armed with four torpedo launchers, unknown number of PDCs, and two Rail guns (aka Gauss Cannons). The torpedo launchers are in a fixed position in the nose of these ships and it is unknown how many torpedoes are carried on board, the torpedo has a plasma warhead. The Point Defense Cannons (PDCs) are positioned all over the battleships and are tasked to shoot down incoming torpedoes or missiles from armed ships whether they're UN Navy or pirates. The Rail Guns are on the Starboard & Port side of these ships.

Please note, Railguns accelerates a conductive armature, or the receptacle which directs the projectile, along parallel rails by placing huge current demands on the ship's power system.

Gauss Cannons, on the other hand, accelerate a ferromagnetic projectile with electromagnetic fields, aka coilgun. It is also known as a mass driver or a kinetic-energy weapon

Layout Edit


History Edit

The Donnager Class is considered to be among the third generation of ships produced by mars.

Ships of the Line Edit

Designation Class
MCRN Donnager Donnager Class Dreadnought
MCRN Harman Dae-Jung Donnager Class Dreadnought
MCRN Bellaire Donnager Class Dreadnought
MCRN Bandon Donnager Class Dreadnought(presumed)




The Expanse MCRN Donnager Class Battleship - Spacedock03:47

The Expanse MCRN Donnager Class Battleship - Spacedock


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