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This page is about the Tv icon TV character. For the books incarnation, see Dookie (Books).
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Corporal Dookie is a Martian aboard Donnager

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Season Ⅰ

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"Remember the Cant", he tases Amos when the Canterbury engineer attacks Corporal Mole for manhandling Naomi while throwing her into her cell. Sergeant Grimes commands Dookie to put down Amos so he tranquilizes the stunned prisoner before Dookie and Mole drag him into his cell.

When Amos later arouses and tries to provoke him, Dookie asks whether Amos wants him to put down the engineer again. To, that, Amos challenges Dookie, "Come try!" At that moment, Dookie receives a signal to bring Naomi for questioning which he activates his mic to reply, "With pleasure." Naomi passes outside, Amos is left without an outlet to vent outrage toward Dookie and he pounds the glass door on his cell.

"CQB", he expresses anger toward Holden for the death of Corporal Mole prior to losing his own life later

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