This page is about the Book-icon-simple books character. For the TV incarnation, see Doris Bourne (TV).
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Dr. Doris Bourne is a botanist on Ganymede and partner to Praxidike Meng.

Appearance Edit

She has white thinning hair.


Ganymede Incident Edit

During the Ganymede incident Doris was with Prax in their greenhouse. As the mirrors in orbit begin their descent onto the moon, Doris urges Prax to leave. After Prax grabs one of his soybean plants, the two get into the lift as the mirrors and other debris hit the moon and greenhouse. After the power shuts off and back on again, the two make their escape.

Notes Edit

  • The televsion adaptation made the character a younger doctor and made her relationship with Prax more romantic. They used her as a vehicle to tell more of his situation but they changed his character's situation along the way.