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Dropship Skiffs (also referred to as a Shuttle) are a small transportation vessel utilized by both the United Nations Navy and the Martian Congressional Republic Navy.

Types Edit

L-Type Dropship Skiff Edit

MCRN Dropship

L-Type MCRN dropship decending

This class of ship is designed to "drop" from a larger military or civilian vessel in planetary orbit to a surface landing. However, most of these ships also serve for ascent to a vessel in orbit or even act as a a short distance shuttle in space.

It is known that Earth and Mars use several different models and variations of L-Type dropships. For example, the variant that was used to transport Chrisjen Avasarala and her retinue is shown to have a luxurious interior, unlike the variant that was used for transportation of a captured OPA agent, which had more utilitarian, military-like interior.

M-Type Dropship SkiffEdit

A larger Dropship than the L-Type. The M-Type Dropship Skiff is often used by the United Nations Marine Corps onboard Leonidas-class battleships. The larger capacity allows for large detachments of Marines to be deployed.

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