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Earth, also known as Terra, is the third planet from Sol, and humanity's home planet. It is populated by thirty billion people, and governed by the United Nations.

Its only moon is Luna, which is also under UN jurisdiction. The UN runs its activities out of the UN complex in New York City, with additional offices in the Hague, and New Hague, on Luna.

History Edit

In the 24th century, Earth faces extreme scarcity and relies heavily on resources provided from the Belt to run its global economy. The combined population of Earth and its colonies stands at 31 billion citizens and there are far more people than available jobs.

Anyone who cannot apply for a job has the option of either enrolling into a governmental educational institution (commonly abbreviated as GEI) or living off of the U.N welfare system known as Basic Assistance. Over half of Earth's population lives on Basic.

When an individual applies to a government educational institution, that individual must have a minimum of one year's worth of work credits in order to apply. This is required as to ensure that classroom space is not wasted on individuals who do not work hard.

Locations Edit

New York City, United States, North America Edit

New York City, commonly abbreviated as NYC, is the federal capital of the United Nations and hosts the nation's government and military center.

Before the global unification, New York served as the United Nations' (then a supranational organization) headquarters. It was the most populous city in the United States, and was also one of the biggest in the whole northern hemisphere. Currently, New York City is most likely the most populous city in all human colonized systems.

It is considered one of the most important cities in human space, considering its status as the capital of the United Nations, the leading superpower.

New York is also one of the most secure urban agglomerations, as a result of hosting the Secretary-General and his governmental subordinates.

The Hague, The Netherlands, Europe Edit

The Hague houses a UN complex which also serves as a hub of Earth politics in addition to NYC.

Media Edit

Images Edit


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