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The Earth-Mars Coalition Navy (EMC), is the joint naval taskforce of Earth (the United Nations Navy) and Mars (the Martian Congressional Republic Navy). It has policed the Sol system together for almost a century. According to Dimitri Havelock, the EMCN has about a hundred gunships at its disposal at the time the Eros incident took place.[1]


Eros IncidentEdit

Since the events of Leviathan Wakes, Earth and Mars have been in a state of war, sometimes hot, sometimes cold; as such, EMCN forces are now divided into the UN Navy and the MCRN. (The exception to this division is any action involving the Belt or Outer Planets - the Inner Planets cannot afford to look weak to the Outer Planets Alliance.)

Ganymede IncidentEdit

In the eighteen months since the events of the Eros incident the EMCN has effectively disbanded with its two members entering into the UN-MCR War.[citation needed]

Post-Interplanetary WarEdit

Some time after the Interplanetary War, the UN and the MCR governments re-established the Earth-Mars Coalition.

Laconia Unification MovementEdit

Known ships Edit

Designation Class Ship type Appears Notes
EMC Frederick Lewis Unknown-class Battleship Books Crippled by Heart of the Tempest
EMC Governor Knight Unknown-class Unknown Books Launched high-yield nuclear torpedoes at Heart of the Tempest
EMC Arcadia Rose Unknown-class Unknown Books
EMC Talwar Unknown-class Unknown Books
EMC Severin Unknown-class Unknown Books
EMC Ontario Unknown-class Unknown Books Destroyed by Heart of the Tempest
EMC Odachi Unknown-class Unknown Books
EMC Michael Souther Unknown-class Unknown Books

Known FleetsEdit

References Edit

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