The Edward Israel (or just "Israel") is a spaceship.

Crew Edit

The Edward Israel carried a thousand people, crew and colonists. This list contains some notable names.

Engineering workgroup Edit

Security Edit



Three generations ago, the Israel was one of the colony ships that took humanity from Earth to the Belt and the Jovian system. After the initial settlements, the ship was repurposed as a water hauler, and it shuttled water to the colonies for decades.

When the Ring opened, and new generations of colony ships were being built, the Israel was retrofitted as a colony ship once again and became the first such ship to reach a planet outside the Sol system. It was the first Royal Charter Energy ship to reach New Terra, a planet rich in lithium that the company had a United Nations charter to mine and explore. The journey there took eighteen months.

The Edward Israel does not have weapons, but it has an old communications laser that can be hacked to cutting strength.

Trivia Edit

  • Edward Israel was an astronomer who lead a failed expedition to the arctic which was sponsored by the United States government.[1] The purpose of the trip was to conduct experiments and observations in the field of astronomy, magnetism, and meteorology.


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