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Martian focus drug 00

Focus drugs are known to be used by Martian naval intelligence.[1]

Use and effectsEdit

The user is granted greater alertness, awareness and recall, making it possible to better detect even small changes in facial expression or body language. For this reason, Martian naval intelligence uses this drug during interrogation.

Focus drugs are administered orally

In the novels, the drugs are dispensed as lozenges, large flat discs of hard-packed powder. A lozenge might be an inch diameter or slightly larger. The user must suck on one to release the active ingredient and have the dose take effect, lasting only a few minutes each.

In the TV adaptation, these are clear liquid pellets in a small spherical gel casing, roughly 7mm in diameter.

The usage of focus drugs is easy to spot, as the pupils of the person using it tends to dilate, opening widely.


In chapter 11, focus drugs were used by Lieutenant Lopez when he interrogated Jim Holden on the MCRN Donnager.In chapter 4, focus drugs are administered to Bobbie Draper by Dr. Trish along with the stimulants before she awoke for her interrogation by Captain Thorrson regarding Ganymede. This leads her to fear she'd become blind but the doctor reassures Bobbie that sensitivity to light is a side-effect of dilated pupils.

In "Remember the Cant", focus drugs were used by Lieutenant Lopez when he interrogated James Holden aboard MCRN Donnager

In "The Seventh Man", focus drugs are used by Captain Thorsen when he interrogated Bobbie Draper. Then, she uses them herself during a second round of more intense interrogation following the Ganymede incident.


  1. Novel Leviathan Wakes, Chapter 11

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